IPv4 lease: the solution to seamless IPv6 transition?

IPv4 lease

Technological advancements such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing have exhausted the resource of IPv4 address space. During the 1980’s, the RIR issued the very first of 4 billion+ unique Internet Protocol version 4 addresses to create interconnected devices through internet networks. However, only decades later, we’ve run out. By now, the exchange market for IPv4 addresses is in full swing. Buyers and sellers find one another both supply and demand make for deals of significant value on either side. However, this exchange market comes with insecurity; fluctuating rates and unexpected changes in the supply or demand for IPv4 addresses create uncertainty among anyone involved. So instead of entering the transfer market of IPv4 addresses, why not choose the alternative? Ipv4 lease.

Security and ease 

As with any lease agreement, to lease IPv4 address space requires a monthly fee to make use of available IPv4 addresses. However, before committing to any lease agreement, check the supplier and terms and conditions on your IPv4 lease. In doing so, you allow yourself the ease and comfort of using IPv4 address space for as long as you need to without the trouble of needing to sell again. 

Why lease IPv4 address space? 

With the current IPv4 crisis, shortage is all too real for many businesses looking to advance technologies. The needed IP addresses, however, are lacking. The long-term solution to this problem is the transition to IPv6 networks. Despite its long-term character, this solution is not ideal either. To bridge the gap between IPv4 and IPv6, time and available IP address space is needed.

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When leasing IPv4 addresses, you’re investing in a way to bridge this gap without significant expenses or risks. You don’t have to worry about selling your IPv4 addresses again upon realizing the transition. Just end your lease agreement and be done with it. 

Find a trusted supplying party 

When you choose to lease IPv4 addresses, make sure to find a trusted supplying party. A registered broker will offer you the best lease deals and make sure the IPv4 addresses you use are fully checked in advance. This way, you can rely on the expertise of your broker and not worry about any rules and regulations that come with the actual transfer of ownership. 

So are you willing to make the transition to IPv6 work without compromising existing networks and processes? Try IPv4 lease and pay only for what you need.