With these settings, the iPhone is more suitable for the elderly at home

Nowadays, more and more elderly people are using smart phones. As a younger generation, of course, it is impossible to directly give the mobile phone to the elders. Take the iPhone as an example. With some simple settings below, we can make the iPhone more suitable for the elderly at home.

First, adjust the screen font

The biggest obstacle for older people to use their mobile phones should be vision problems. We can go to “Settings – Display and Brightness – Text Size” to adjust the font to the maximum and enable the “Bold Text” option. If the old man still thinks that the font is not big enough, you can also go to “Settings – General – Accessibility – Larger Fonts” and open the “More Fonts in Accessibility” option. You may be surprised to find out that Can the original iPhone font be adjusted to such a large size?

Second, enable the reading screen function

The open position of the screen reading function is “Setting – General – Accessory – Voice”. This feature makes it easy for the old people to directly hear the contents of the screen without seeing the screen, but it does not work for some elderly people who are not very good at hearing.

Third, turn up the volume and turn on the LED reminder

In order to allow the elders to answer your call by the way, you need to adjust the volume of the iPhone’s ringtone to the maximum, and enable the LED flashing reminder function when the call is activated in “Settings – General – Auxiliary Function – LED flashing to remind you”.

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Fourth, enable location sharing

As children, it is necessary to keep track of the safety of their parents. This allows you to enable the iPhone’s location sharing feature. This feature is mutual. You can know the location of your parents and let your parents know where you are. The specific setting method is:

Enable “Share My Location” in “Settings – Privacy – Location Services – Share My Location”;open the “Find My Friends” app and add your own ID as a shared object.

Five, enable find my iPhone function

In order to prevent the elderly from losing their mobile phones, the Find My iPhone feature must be enabled. The setting method is to open the settings, click on the top ID name to enter, select “iCloud – find my iPhone”, enable the “find my iPhone” and “send the last position” options.

Sixth, Add frequently used contacts to your personal collection.

In the address book, add several contacts that are commonly used by the elderly to the collection. It is best to set a real avatar for this contact, which is convenient for the elderly to identify, and enable the “Personal Collection” widget on the negative screen, which is convenient. Old people call quickly

Seven, set up a medical emergency card

In the health application that comes with it, you can create a medical emergency card. In the Create Emergency Card page, in addition to filling in the medical status, allergic reaction, blood type and other information, remember to open the “Show when locked” option and add an emergency contact. After setting it up, you can view the relevant emergency information through the “emergency” “medical emergency card” at the bottom of the password input page without unlocking the phone.

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Eight, open content and privacy access restrictions

Although the functions of smart phones are very large, the elders do not necessarily need to use so many functions, so we can set them in the “Settings – Screen Usage Time – Content and Privacy Access Restrictions” function to prevent the elderly from Be careful to make changes to the original settings.