How to Support Independence in Assisted Living Residents

Maintaining independence is an important part of life in any assisted living community. As people age, they may need more help with daily activities, but it’s still important to support their autonomy and encourage them to remain engaged with the world. There are several ways that caretakers can foster a sense of self-sufficiency while providing residents in assisted living facilities with the help they need. Here are some tips for helping seniors maintain their independence while staying safe and secure.

Encourage the Resident to Take Part in Social Activities

Encouraging residents to take part in social activities is one of the most important ways to foster a sense of independence. Choose activities that your resident enjoys, such as music or art classes, nature walks, playing games with other residents, and gentle exercise. This can help them stay engaged while also providing an opportunity for them to make friends and build a sense of community in their assisted living facility.

Encourage Receiving and Playing Host to Visitors

Visitors can provide an important social outlet for residents in a Meridian, Idaho assisted living community. Encouraging family members, friends, and neighbors to visit the facility helps foster a sense of belonging and connection with the outside world. Additionally, it may be beneficial to encourage residents to host visitors in their living spaces. This can help them feel a sense of ownership and control over their environment and make it easier for them to engage with their guests.

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Encourage Making Their Own Drinks and Light Snacks

For some assisted living residents, making simple meals or snacks can provide an enjoyable way to stay independent. Encourage residents to make their own drinks and light snacks, such as tea, coffee, or sandwiches. This can help them feel in control of the food they eat and give them a sense of accomplishment when they’re done.

Install Gadgets and Accessories That Make It Easier for Them to Use the Bathroom

Having the right gadgets and accessories to help residents use the restroom safely is an important part of supporting independence. Grab bars, elevated toilet seats, and shower benches can make it easier for elderly residents to take care of themselves without having to ask for assistance.

Provide Excursions Away from the Care Home for Them

Organizing outings away from the care home can provide residents with a sense of freedom and help them stay connected to their community. Trips to nearby parks, shops, or other places of interest can be enjoyable and give them an opportunity to get out of their daily routine.

Encourage Them to Make and Receive Phone Calls

Staying in touch with family and friends is an important part of staying connected. Encourage assisted living residents to make and receive phone calls on their own, when possible. This can help them feel in control of the conversations they have, as well as provide a way for them to stay up to date with what’s going on outside the home.

Supporting independence in assisted living residents is an important part of providing care and making them feel comfortable. By encouraging social activities, visitors, light snacking, bathroom gadgets, excursions away from the facility, and phone calls, you can help seniors stay connected to their community and maintain a sense of autonomy.