How to See Who My Boyfriend Is Texting? Paid and Free Ways

“Trust, but verify” is a common expression that applies best when it comes to relationships. Especially turbulent ones. While you don’t want to get overly suspicious right away, it’s better to have ways to see who your boyfriend is texting for free or for a fee.

How Can I Know Who My Boyfriend Is Texting?

Most likely, you would not find yourself reading this text if you have already asked this very question to your partner or spouse and received a reaction that satisfied you. However, do not be discouraged because soon, you will learn tips that will help you choose one path or another, depending on the situation – both free and paid ones.

2 Free Ways

To find out who your boyfriend is messaging, you will most likely need access to their device at least once. If that’s not a problem, free options are at your service.


For those who have never encountered this software, a keylogger is a program that reads and saves what a person has typed into a separate file, which you can later access from your own device. This is one of the best ways to check boyfriend’s text messages for free, because even if they delete the message sent to their new crush, a record about it will still go to the backlog. As follows, a keylogger gains access to information on the device on which it is installed, so it is essential to check the reviews before installing third-party software on the device. 

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It’s worth being careful with both free and paid solutions, but still, freeware prompts more questions – among others, why would anyone create free software at all?

Face or Fingerprint Recognition

It comes as a surprise to many that the face detection feature allows you to add multiple faces for recognition at the same time. Of course, this must be taken care of before a person activates a feature exclusively for themselves, for example, by giving them unforeseen situations as a weighty reason when they may need urgent access to their device without their presence. To do this, just follow these footsteps:

For iPhone

  • Click on Settings 
  • Face ID & Passcode 
  • Add an alternate appearance

For Android

  • Click Settings and then Security
  • Tap Screen Lock and press Trusted Face
  • Add Trusted Face and then Set up

The same goes for adding another pair of recognizable fingerprints to the same device. For iOS gadgets, simply open Settings, Touch ID & Passcode, and configure in the Add a Fingerprint section. For Android, click on Settings, Biometrics, and then Fingerprints. 

Many modern Android devices have removed the ability to add additional faces for face recognition, so if you need to find out who your boyfriend is messaging, using a device monitoring tool might be more efficient and less fussy.

2 Paid Ways

Now, if the free ways seem not too helpful or don’t work for you at all, let’s buzz into what their paid counterparts are ready to offer.

uMobix Phone Tracker

If you seek to find a multifaceted monitoring tool, uMobix is probably the front-runner that’s going to cater most to your needs. Unlike other programs that require you to send a link to track a phone or are too explicit on a tracked device, uMobix runs stealthy and yet is feature-packed. You will be aware of all the communications of your spouse, boyfriend, or loved one and will be able to access even deleted dialogues. This is a great chance to get insight into their online media activity with browser browsing history, messenger chats, and photo and video content they can discreetly share with others.

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Spyic Monitoring App

Message tracking is Spyic’s forte if you have an ick to read your boyfriend’s text messages without much effort. In addition, you will see who your partner is talking to on the phone, and you can set their geolocation straight up with a snap of your fingers. Of course, solutions like this require prior access and installation on the target gadget; Spyic, in particular, offers more extended functionality on Android devices.

Track All His Messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber

After doing some research, it’s safe to say that uMobix does it best when it comes to remote tracking and seeing things as they are. It allows you to keep a watchful eye on your partner’s daily interactions in messengers, email, and SMS, and finally find peace of mind learning the truth, however bitter it might be.

Can We Find Out Where He Is Now?

If checking your boyfriend’s text messages is not enough for you, you can find out exactly where your loved one is now using free services if they are activated on their gadget: Find My (for iPhones) or Find My Device (Google service). Should these be out of reach, uMobix also includes a geolocation feature in the package.