Find Out the Slot Symbols That Can Help You Win Big with This Handy Guide

Find Out the Slot Symbols That Can Help You Win Big with This Handy Guide

Thanks to the wonderful world of online casinos, the classic slot game has evolved to include some pretty awesome features. Now, in modern video Slots, you are not only presented with the standard slot symbols, but a whole array of different types of icons that can unlock bonus mini-games, substitute symbols for winning combinations and much more! The number of standard slot symbols used varies from game to game but most of the time you’ll come across 10 different symbols as the maximum, including those special featured icons.

Of course, we all want to have fun on slot games, but there is an added excitement when there’s a chance to win some lovely prizes and jackpots. And because of the infinite possibilities of modern casino games, many online Slots now have bonus features and extra special symbols that help you to do just that. So, here are the different types of Slot symbols you can encounter when playing and what they mean for your winnings.

  • Standard Reel Symbols

These are the symbols that make up the majority of the reel, and are usually based upon the Slots’ core theme or design. For a classic slot game, these would include images of fruit or high-playing card symbols (10, J, Q, K, A). They are the least valuable out of all the slot symbols, but matching them in a certain pay-line usually results in a pay-out.

  • High Valuable Symbols

Like the standard reel symbol, these do not allude to bonus features, but within a winning combination will have a higher pay-out than the standard, low value reel symbol. In the retro version of Slots, these were represented by a number seven, a diamond or a bell, for example. Unlike with playing card symbols, these have a predetermined value according to the individual game – likewise for modern or themed games that use a symbol relevant to their design.

  • Scatter Symbols
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In most games, the scatter symbol is the way in which to discover a bonus game – a fun addition to the traditional slot that helps to increase your prizes, coin amount or multipliers, and for some games, a chance to win a huge jackpot. Usually, landing three or more of the scatter symbols on an active pay-line will take you to these marvellous mini-games.

  • Sticky Symbols

These symbols do exactly what they say on the tin – once landed in a spin, they will continue to stick in place for further spins of the reels. This can be applied to both a standard or wild symbol to make them sticky and makes it easier to come across a winning combination. Usually, the sticky symbol sticks around until there is a spin without any winning pay-lines, and it is then that it disappears and the reels go back to normal.

  • Wild Symbols

As well as the standard and scatter, wild symbols are the next most common symbol you’ll find on the reels.With its appearance based on the theme of the game,the wild will replace themselves for any standard symbol in the game, meaning that it will improve your chances of getting a winning combination of symbols on a pay-line.

  • Moving& Wandering Wild Symbols
    A special version of the symbol above, a moving wild remains on screen for multiple spins – much like a sticky symbol. However, a moving wild can change their position on the reels after each spin, so that there is an increased chance of a winning combination on active pay-lines. A wandering wild works in the same way, but instead has a particular pattern of movement that it follows. Both exciting bonus features, they usually have a limited amount of time or spins before they vanish, or in the case of a wandering wild symbol, have completed their set number of movements.
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