Online Casino Bonuses: Everything you Need to Know About

Online Casino Bonuses

Playing your favorite casino games online is lots of fun, and something that is enjoyed by people all over the world. Whether you like the slots, poker, craps or roulette, you can enjoy hours of fun playing online in either one of the free games rooms, or the real rooms where you will be Online Cricket Betting ID for money, if that’s your preference, especially when the time you get online casino bonuses. 

The great thing about online casinos is that they are always adding new games throughout the year, and you will always have something new to try. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to one specific game, but when there are so many casinos out there that are offering you bonuses, it would be a shame not to take them and use them to test out some of the other popular games you might not have played much.

Why are Online Casino Bonuses offered?

In a nutshell, casinos offer you bonuses to get you to sign up with them. There are hundreds of different online casinos operating all over the world, and all competing with each other for your custom.

Whereas a real physical casino could entice members by offering them free food or drinks, this isn’t something an online casino can do. This is where the bonuses come into play and are so effective.

If you come across two similar casinos online, which both have similar games, but one of them was offering you a $50 bonus for signing up, which one would you choose? It’s more than likely that you’ll register at the one offering you the bonus. After all, $50 in your casino account is better than $0. At least with that initial sum, you’ve got the opportunity to check out the casino and see what their game play and range of games is like. 

Finding the best bonuses

Nowadays most online casinos will offer bonuses of one kind or another. The key is to find the best bonuses, and in this article we will go through what types of bonuses to look out for, and which ones you’ll want to avoid.

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When you visit a casino online for the first time, you’ll probably be faced with a large popup on the screen offering you a bonus if you sign up. These will usually explain the type of bonus they are offering, and what you need to do to receive it. 

There are lots of websites that you can visit where you can find up to date information about the various bonuses that all of the major, as well as some lesser known, casinos are offering. These sites are very handy and if there is a specific type of bonus that you are looking for, such as a sign up bonus, then you can quickly find what’s available, rather than having to manually visit hundreds of different casino sites and find the bonuses you want.

If you are already happy at your current casino, then you might not feel the urge to try another one. There’s nothing wrong at all with loyalty, but if there are other casinos offering you some nice bonuses to try them out, it would be a shame not to take advantage of that.

Types of Online Casino Bonuses being offered

There are lots of bonuses that many online casinos will offer to their existing members, as well as to attract new people to sign up. 

All bonuses will have different rules and regulations with them. Some may be time limited offers, while others may be dependent on your initial deposit at a casino. Below we will take a look at some of the most common bonuses you’ll find being offered.

Bonus for Registering

Most times the bonus will either be one that offers a small sum of around $10 into your account simply for registering with them. These deposits are very handy and give you the chance to have a few plays and see if you like the casino or not. You might be limited with how much play you can enjoy each day with the sign up bonuses or free spins, so check out the terms to be sure how and when you can use your bonus. 

You are not using any of your own money, so you really have nothing to lose. Though the $10 amount isn’t going to stretch too far, it’s still something worth taking advantage of.

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Bonus for your initial Deposit

Other times, the casino will offer to double your initial deposit, usually up to a maximum of $100. So if you sign and up and deposit $100, the casino will then double that so you have $200 in your account. 

This type of bonus is dependent on you actually signing up and making an initial deposit, but if it’s a well-known casino that you are confident that you’ll enjoy playing at, then this type of bonus is very worthwhile.

Reload bonuses

A reload deposit is similar to the initial deposit bonus, but isn’t something that you’ll find being offered at every casino. Whereas most will give you a bonus for your first deposit, many casinos won’t be offering you anything for your second, third or fourth. Suddenly the casino doesn’t seem as generous as it was when you signed up.

However there are some casinos that do offer you bonuses for follow up deposits that you make to your account. These are known as reload deposits and are very attractive. If you plan to play frequently at a casino, you’ll want to try and find one that offers these bonuses.

Online Casino Bonuses that you might want to avoid

In life there are always two sides of the coins, and that’s also the case when it comes to casino bonuses. Not all bonuses are going to be as great as they initially appear, and a lot of casinos will place severe restrictions on how they can be used.

There are some that will offer you free spins for example, but these can only be used in a very short period of time, usually no more than a couple of days. No online kaszino is going to want someone playing with free credits for a prolonged period of time, so they usually add an expiry date to such bonuses.

Another type of bonus you might want to skip are those that do offer an initial doubling of your first deposit, but actually restrict you from being able to withdraw any winnings. The casino will want the money to stay with them and to be used on their games.

As always, it’s important to look through the terms and conditions when signing up at a casino, as there may always be some small print that places a great deal of restrictions on all of the bonuses that a casino offers.