Do You Need IT Equipment? This is Why You Should Rent It!

IT Equipment

In need for (extra) IT equipment? Then buying may be the most obvious solution. However, many companies often forget the possibility of renting it. Today, you can rent all kinds : from laptops and desktops to beamers and VR glasses. Renting is often cheaper, more efficient and more flexible than buying it. Do you want to know how renting can benefit your company? Then be sure to read on!

1. Spread out your costs

Buying new product is a significant initial investment. Renting equipment also has its price, but it allows you to spread out your costs. If other expenses occur unexpectedly, an initial investment can put you in financial difficulties more easily than renting on a monthly basis does. 

2. Flexibility

Each job and project needs unique thing, whether it’s in project scale or scope. Renting IT gains your company some flexibility. You determine the frequency, quantity and contract duration of equipment. 

3. Latest technology

If you buy any, it’s difficult to keep it up-to-date. Technology ages more rapidly than ever. If you rent IT , you often gain access to the newest equipment with the latest technology. This makes you able to manage projects more efficiently and improve profitability. A win-win!

4. Special IT equipment

Would you like to use special product for a specific event, such as a fair or exhibition? Many rental companies allow you to rent special equipment, such as VR glasses and HoloLens headsets. Many companies only need these devices on a temporary basis, therefore renting is way more cost-effective than buying. Rental companies can also install the equipment and ensure that all the settings are as they need to be. 

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5. No cost for repairs and maintenance 

If you own equipment, you’re responsible for repairs and maintenance. Keeping your equipment in top condition requires time and money. Think, for example, of the tools and equipment needed to perform repairs and maintenance, purchasing machine parts and covering labor costs. If you rent a Macbook or rent an iPad, the supplier makes sure it operates at peak performance. 

Owning IT equipment is a valuable asset, but it certainly comes at a price. Owning IT doesn’t only include the initial investment, but also includes costs for storage, repairs and maintenance, not to mention the fact that technology becomes outdated relatively quickly. So renting IT might also be the solution for you!