What Happens When You Delete Apple ID?

delete apple id

The apple id is the source of your access to your apple device and its services. When an apple user logs in with their respective apple id, he or she gets access to the world of apple deices and its services. The apple id is the pass-code for all the access to iTunes, apple drive, etc. When you delete apple id, you lose all the access to your activities on the device. Generally, one can have more than one apple id, which in turn, can create a problem when you try to retrieve old data or save new data.

It is better to maintain one apple id and if you have more than one apple id then you must delete the one lesser used. If you have no idea about how to delete old apple id then you must go through this article for all the information you need. Apple offers a variety of services for its customers and you can access them with the help of your apple id only. This includes the apple store, apple drive, iTunes, etc. Here in this article, we will discuss how you can permanently delete apple id and what happens when you do so.

Effects of Deleting the ID

Deleting your apple id will restrict your access to all the apple services. The services provided by apple which you can access through your apple id are FaceTime, iCloud, iMessage, iTunes, iCloud Mail, Apple Store, Apple Books, Apple Pay, etc. Besides this, you will also lose access to all the photos, videos, documents and other data stored in the iCloud. Once you delete your apple id, you also permanently delete the data stored in the iCloud, messages in your iMessage, the emails stored in your iCloud Mail and much more. Further, you also lose access to all the privacy changes associated with the apple id.

Here are some pointers which will help you understand better the effects when you delete apple id

  • You cannot access or process your data from the Apple device after removing the id.
  • Your past browsing history, app history and music library will be inaccessible from the respective applications.
  • The data stored in your iCloud which includes pictures, documents, videos, audio files, etc cannot be retrieved once you delete apple id.
  • On deleting your apple id you can no longer use the id to sign in or to retrieve data stored along with that id.

Although you cannot access the data stored in the apple drive once you’ve deleted the id but you can get the services such as repairs and maintenance for the device. If you have an ongoing Apple Care servicing done then deleting your id won’t cause any effect on it.

Delete Apple ID or Deactivate?

Well, there is a huge difference between deleting apple id and deactivating it. The primary difference is that you will lose all the data once you delete your apple id but you won’t lose it if you deactivate the id. The purchases or orders made through apple store won’t be canceled for deactivating your apple account. You can get access to your apple account once you reactivate it with the id and password. If your account is deactivated then you won’t get the latest updates for your device. Logging back in will give access to the upgrades. Besides if you want to delete your account permanently but have forgotten the password then below is the solution to it.

How to delete Apple ID without Password?

Deleting apple id isn’t a tough job and you will get a clear idea by the end of this article. What if you have forgotten the password to your apple id? Well, this is something which can cause trouble while deleting your apple id. If you are wondering how to delete apple id without password then here is the solution. With a couple of easy steps you can remove your apple id if you have forgotten the password. Further it will also remove all your setting and privacy apple id had saved earlier for the device.

  • The first step is to go to the Settings of your apple device. Now go to iCloud and when the device asks for password, enter anything. Once you enter it, press ‘Done’.
  • Now comes step two where a prompt message will show on the device. You will see that you have entered a wrong password. Next, you need to click on ‘OK’ and then press ‘Done’.
  • Again go to the main panel of the iCloud. Here, on your account remove the description and press the ‘Done’ button.
  • On returning to the iCloud page you will see that you don’t have to enter any password. Also, the ‘Find My Phone’ feature is turned off automatically now.
  • Now, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and select delete my account. On confirming your account deleting request will be sent.
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If the above-mentioned process fails to do the job then you can also try it through iTunes. This procedure also allows you to delete apple id from iPhone without using password. Although there are some cons of this method which may result in loss of data.

  • First, turn off your iPhone and then connect it with your PC with the help of an original iPhone USB cable.
  • Second, after connecting press and hold the home button on the iPhone until the Apple logo shows up. Once the logo appears, release the home button and follow the instructions to restore the iPhone.
  • Third, after the restoration is complete, your iPhone is a completely new device.

It is recommended to secure all the data before applying the above-mentioned methods. It cannot be assumed that the data will be intact after deleting the id. Use a hard drive or any storage device to secure the data from the iPhone.

How do I permanently delete my Apple ID Account?

Here is a stepwise method which will help you permanently delete apple id. Simply follow the steps and delete your account. Keep in mind that once you delete the account permanently you cannot retrieve it afterwards. If you wish to save the stored data, copy it or move the data to a storage device before deleting the account permanently.

  1. Firstly, you need to visit privacy.apple.com/ from your computer through a web browser. You can do this from any PC or Mac.
  2. Secondly, you need to log in to your Apple account by using the apple id and your password. From here you will be directed to a security question page. Answering the question will enable you to access your account.
  3. In some cases, instead of the security question page, a two-step authentication page opens. Here, you need to use your iPhone or iPad to complete the authentication procedure. On the contrary, if this page doesn’t show up then ask for the support pin and contact customer care for help.
  4. Thirdly, you need to scroll down the page which appears after logging in. Here you will get the request to delete apple idoption. Click on the option Delete Account at the bottom of the page. Once you click on to it, another page will open which shows what happens when you delete your account.
  5. Besides this, there is another option which allows a user to temporarily delete his account. This is generally the deactivation procedure. You can again get access to your account when you log in.
  6. Next, you have to select the reason why you want to delete your account? Here you get a drop-down menu to select the reason why you want to permanently delete your account. Select your desired reason from the drop-down menu. If your desired reason isn’t listed in the drop-down menu then select ‘Other’ and describe your reason in the box.
  7. Now click on the continue button which will show up in a blue colored button below the drop-down list.
  8. Another page will show up with information regarding what happens after the account and the data in it is permanently deleted. Read the information provided on the page thoroughly before moving ahead.
  9. Once you are done with reading, click on continue and a checkbox will appear. Click on the checkbox to proceed. The checkbox verifies that you agree to the terms and conditions of deleting your account. You can read out the terms and conditions from the text box provided right above the checkbox. Click on Continue once done.
  10. Provide a contact method so that Apple can contact you regarding any information about your account. Contact method can be an alternative e-mail id or contact number. Click on continue after providing contact info.
  11. On providing a contact number or email id you will get a verification code. This verifies that you are willing to delete your account permanently and that the alternate number or email id belongs to you. Enter the code and click on continue.
  12. After this, you will receive an access code. Keep this code safe so that you can use it later to contact Apple Customer Care or Apple Support for accessing your deleted account. Pres continue after saving the access code.
  13. Use this access code to sign out completely from the Apple account. Click on continue. A final checkbox will appear. Select the Delete Account option which will be a red colored button in the lower part of the pop-up window on the right side.
  14. This will check you out from your apple account and delete your account permanently.
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How to Delete Apple ID from iPad or iPhone

Here we have discussed a couple of ways which you can use to delete apple id from your iPhone or iPad.

The most simple and easy way to delete your apple id and remove everything from the device is this. All you need to do is,

  • Go to Settings
  • Select General
  • Click on the Reset option
  • Select Erase all Content and Settings

This will erase all the data stored in the Apple device and you would no longer be able to retrieve them.

Here is another procedure which you can use to delete apple id from iPhone or iPad.

  1. First, you need to disable Find My iPhone option from your device. This, in turn, will restrict the Activation Lock from getting triggered. To disable this feature in your iPhone,
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Your Name
  • Select iCloud
  • Click on Find My iPhone
  • Disable the feature by turning it off
  1. Second of all, you need to remove your device from the iCloud Find My iPhone. This is very important no matter you are selling or giving away your current iPhone or iPad. Disabling this is quite similar to the above one. If you experience any problem then browse the internet for delete apple id online. You can get access to a couple of tutorials as well as articles.
  2. Third of all, you need to sign out from all the apple service accounts you have logged in. to do it follow the below-mentioned steps
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to iTunes and App Store
  • Click on the Apple id option
  • Select the Sign Out option
  • Now again return to the Settings menu
  • Select Your Name
  • Click on the Sign Out option

Generally, these are the two most common pages from where you need to sign out from your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Finally, you need to reset your iPhone or iPad. For this, you need to erase all the content present in your device.
  • Click on Settings
  • Select the General option
  • Click on Reset
  • Select the Reset All Settings option as well

This is a general guide for all the Apple users on how to delete their apple id and what happens if they delete it. If you wish to learn more about the apple services and have queries regarding any of the services, it is recommended to browse the internet for information. Besides, you can also contact Apple Support for more information.