Exam Dumps: What You Need to Know about Cisco 300-320 Exam Prep?

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Becoming an expert in IT networking requires sufficient training. For network design professionals, it’s even more demanding. This is because it includes complex features that you will need to understand to become a crucial member of your organization. And the best way to verify your knowledge is to earn a proper credential.

Pursuing the CCDP certification alone is a huge step in your career growth and comes with plenty of benefits. In your quest for career excellence by obtaining this badge for design professionals, you will need to take and pass some exams in addition to the skills you possess. In this particular case, to fulfill such dreams, passing the Cisco 300-320 exam along with two others is important.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some details about the Cisco 300-320 exam in addition to highlighting a few secrets you need to know about exam preparation. We hope this comprehensive guide answers all your queries regarding this Cisco exam and its linked certification.

Related Certification Path: Cisco Certified Design Professional (CCDP)

Click to Visit certification shows advanced knowledge and ability to design routed and switched networks. This knowledge should be built around several items within the design enterprise networks such as LAN, Dial Access and WAN.

The CCDP certification is best viewed as the third part of the Design path and assesses the students’ knowledge of network design, installation, and configuration.

It is also the best option for all CCDA professionals looking to advance their network design knowledge by updating their skills and help them remain relevant in the IT industry.

Job Roles that Employ CCDP Knowledge

Considering the vital role played by certifications in the modern IT sphere, one would be mistaken for thinking the CCDP credential is only a way to validate your skills. Among other tangible benefits it offers, the CCDP certification can also qualify you for well-regarded IT job roles that are good for your career growth.

Some of the most popular IT job positions that will require the knowledge covered by the CCDP include Desktop Support Technician, Network Engineer, Consulting Engineer, Senior Consulting Engineer, and Network Manager.

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Details of the Cisco 300-320 ARCH Exam

Exam 300-320 known as Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH) test, qualifies candidates for the CCDP certification. This assessment presents a total of 60-70 questions with a maximum of 75 minutes to attempt all of them.

To dive deep into its details, the Cisco 300-320 exam will verify your knowledge and understanding of the newest developments in network design and technologies. These include in-depth coverage of L2 and L3 Infrastructures that are related to enterprises, Data Center Integration, Network Services, Network Security, and WAN Technologies.

It’s important to note that the Cisco 300-320 exam is the last part of the 3 exams you need to take to attain the said CCDP credential. The other two tests include 300-101 and 300-115 exams.

How to Study for Your Cisco 300-320 Exam?

Ready to face your Cisco 300-320 exam? Well, before you even think of taking it, you will need good study materials that are designed by certified IT experts.

Inadequate preparation has never been known to bring any productive outcome in the test. So, here are a few training resources from Cisco that you may consider checking out.

  1. Cisco’s Classroom Training

Cisco’s classroom training option is nothing if not satisfying. The candidates preparing for their Cisco 300-320 exam may want to validate their skills by enrolling in helpful training courses that are offered by professional instructors available on this platform.

  1. Practice

Cisco exams put more emphasis on hands-on skills and it would be beneficial to work on such skills before facing your test.

Check out the Cisco lab environments to see if their resources can help sharpen your real-world mastery of the practical exam concepts.

  1. Cisco Study Groups

Join one of the active Cisco CCDP study groups and work your way to the top with the help of fellow exam candidates. This is a great opportunity to share your preparation experience, useful tips, and materials, and find the most difficult answers collectively.

PrepAway.biz — a Helpful Resource for Your Cisco 300-320 Exam Prep

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If you want to have a better chance of excelling in your exam, use as many resources as you can. PrepAway.biz is one of the most effective IT training websites you can ever get. This site provides comprehensive study materials that have helped numerous candidates prepare for and pass their tests easily.

These include exam dumps (that are actual exam questions with answers) provided by recent exam takers, training courses, and study guides. Some of the materials are free, also there are paid files that are proved by IT experts. For example, you can get the Cisco 300-320 Premium Bundle ($34.99) which consists of a verified ete file and a study guide and ready yourself for the exam in the right way.

One of the main advantages of the PrepAway’s dumps is that they help you to see the exam environment. This is possible by using the ETE Exam Simulator for your dumps which allows you to create, edit, and pass trial tests, get used to the timing, monitor your preparation progress, and get detailed reports on your results.

Upcoming Certification Changes

Going by the latest announcements, Cisco will be unleashing a new certification program as soon as February 2020. Following these changes, the current Cisco CCDP certification will be retired and replaced by one comprehensive certification, the CCNP Enterprise. You gain it, you’ll need to pass two tests. These upcoming changes take effect in February 2020, so for more details check the vendor’s official website.


With the demanding nature of IT job roles and the stiff competition for the available vacancies, IT professionals have all the reasons to go for credentials that will help them serve their organizations in a better way. Passing the Cisco 300-320 exam shows your dedication and desire to remain updated in the volatile IT landscape. So, get ready for the upcoming opportunities in the IT industry by passing your Cisco 300-320 exam today through the exam dumps from the PrepAway.biz website and becoming a step closer to your CCDP certification.